21FIT: Your 21-Day Healthy Aging/Weight Loss Guide

Welcome to 21FIT – your comprehensive fat/weight loss program designed to guide you through 21 days of balanced meals, short, effective workouts and targeted supplements with expert support.

21FIT is designed to help you achieve your weight loss goals and establish sustainable, healthy habits. Burn unwanted fat and set yourself up for a lifetime of healthy habits and sustainable weight loss.

Program Highlights:

Customized Meal Plans:

Enjoy a variety of delicious and nutritious meals with our carefully curated menu. You’ll receive 21 days’ worth of breakfast, lunch, and dinner suggestions, designed to keep you energized and satisfied throughout your journey. You can experience an increase in your metabolism and a decrease in appetite.

You can follow the meal plan as it is or alter according to your taste. Using the carb/calorie information will help you adapt to different situations such as eating out or incorporating fun foods.

Workouts for Every Level:

Our expertly crafted workout routines cater to all fitness levels and are designed to fit into your busy schedule. Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned fitness enthusiast, our workouts will challenge you and help you burn those extra calories. Stay motivated and see progress as you continue these moves over time.

Supplement Support:

You have the option to include three nutrition supplements to increase fat burn, support gut health, improve energy, maintain hydration, support your immune system, improve mood, decreased stress, and balance blood sugar. These supplements will support healthy aging and weight loss for faster results.


Discover New Favorites

As you explore your meal plan, keep in mind that you can follow it as is, or you may find some favorite dishes that you’ll want to repeat. We encourage you to experiment with the recipes, savor new flavors, and embrace a healthier way of eating. The Mediterranean diet is a treasure trove of culinary delights, and we’re excited to share it with you.


Comprehensive Grocery List:

Simplify your shopping experience with our detailed grocery list. We’ve done the planning for you, ensuring you have all the ingredients you need to prepare your meals without any hassle. Pick a day to get the ingredients you need for at least 3 days. Meal prep ahead of time to make meals more efficient.

High Protein Snack List:

Choose from our list of high-protein snacks to keep your energy levels up, curb unhealthy cravings and add calories as needed on active days. Protein keeps you full and increases your metabolism. It’s a great way to curb hunger and balance blood sugar.

Carb Swaps:

Alternatives to high carb foods. Choosing lower-carb carbs is often a great one to get healthy energy support without overdoing it. We have some delicious alternatives for you.

Expert Support:

Participate in weekly Zoom sessions with our registered dietitian and personal trainer. Get personalized advice, ask questions, and stay accountable with the guidance of certified professionals who are dedicated to your success.

What to Expect:

Customized Discovery:

  • Week 1: Focus on establishing a balanced routine with healthy meals and begin getting in those steps.
  • Week 2: Discover new recipes and exercise techniques tailored to your fitness level.
  • Week 3: Fine-tune your progress, adapt your meals and workouts to your body’s changing needs, and prepare for long-term success. Our experts will guide you through the final stages of your transformative journey.

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If you sign up before April 15th, you will receive a free 6 month membership with Better Choices. This gives you 6 additional months of recipes and workouts as you continue your journey to better health.