I’m Pam

Personal Trainer and Nutritional Lifestyle Consultant

Let’s Get Healthy Together!

I am here to bring you my passion for health and pass on the knowledge I have gained from being a Personal Trainer and Nutritional Lifestyle and Weight Management Counselor as well as experiences from my own health journey. The biggest investment you can make is in your health.

I was a Personal Trainer and Nutritional Lifestyle Consultant when I was introduced to the Reliv supplementation program in 1999.

It was clear this was different than anything I had seen before (as a personal trainer you see a lot of products). I started the products and business at the same time, since both the products and business were guaranteed.

Health has been gained back. I am not the tired, aching, crabby mom who watched her kids from the couch. My poor health prevented me from doing anything not required of me but since I started taking Reliv, nothing can stop me.

Activity has increased by throwing hay bales, riding horses and playing basketball/volleyball with women 20 years my junior.

My digestive system no longer rebels.  The sinus drainage is a thing of the past.  Lastly, the brain fog that would slur my words and make it difficult to read books to my children has dissipated.

I feel better in my 60’s than I did in my 30’s. My son now breathes freely and does not deal with itchy, watery eyes. It is rare any of us in my family get sick and when we do it is short lived.

I erroneously believed that if you ate “right” supplementation was not needed.  Learning through my own experiences how wrong I was, is mind numbing for me.

My passion for health and fitness drove me to share with others immediately.  I recognized this as a simple, effective way to teach others how to achieve maximum health.  

Now with the comprehensive approach of exercise, nutrition guidance and supplementation, I am excited to see my clients succeed.  Not only will they shed pounds, but also gain their health back.  Even so, while building a stronger, leaner body that is permanent.

Fitness and eating right has been a part of my life for over 20 years. Combining all these elements has increased my strength, stamina, energy and decreased muscle soreness.  My daughter lost an inch around her waist and increased muscle tone on her arms and hips.   

My focus continue to be the top 3, Faith, Famiy, and Fitness.